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We exist to reinforce the people who work hard to save the planet. The people who fight climate change, preserve wildlife and biodiversity, clean our oceans, and more.

How to apply

Join our community of impacters

Anyone who is the face of an organization on Milkywire is called an impacter. We’re looking for people engaged in locally rooted nonprofits, working in the field to ensure a sustainable future for all of us. Are you one of them? Check our eligibility criteria to find out if you and your organization are qualified to be on our platform. Still have questions? Have a look at our FAQ for organizations.

This is how we differ from traditional charity organizations

The change we believe in

We're supporting initiatives all around the world working with our planet's most urgent issues. Our goal is to find locally rooted organizations that are reliable, skilled, and focusing on efforts for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

Joining Milkywire means

Go digital

The world is becoming more and more digital every day. Through Milkywire you get in the forefront and share your important work with thousands of people around the world

Find and reach new donors

Connect with people who are passionate about supporting your cause through digital tools on the web, on social media, and on the Milkywire app

Find corporate partners

We find and connect you with corporate donors with shared values, who want concrete action

Monthly donations

We know continuous funding is critical. Therefore we provide the digital tools to drive and actively promote monthly donations

Tell your story

We help share your story to drive traffic, engagement, and ultimately donations

Connect and educate

Communicate with people who are eager to learn about your mission and raise awareness on what you do and why

Join a global community

Connect with other impacters on the platform to share ideas, coordinate and strengthen the ability to make a change

Here’s how to apply

To join Milkywire with your organization, you have to go through our qualitative screening process, where we assess if your organization is suited for our platform. These are the steps for an application:

Step 1: Register your interest

All organizations that want to fundraise on the Milkywire platform has to register to our impacter portal, where we collect information on the organizational structure and capacity. To start the process, fill out our registration form to get a login. Only eligible nonprofits working with environment/climate are granted login credentials.

Check eligibility

Step 2: Complete your profile

If granted a login, you will be asked to report organizational information along with key documents including your annual report, financial statement, statutes and minutes from the last annual meeting. This information will form the basis of our assessment, and incomplete applications will not be assessed and able to fundraise. A member of our Impact management team will conduct a video interview with you to complement your submitted information and to get to know you and your organization better.

Step 3: Funding proposal

If approved, you will need to submit a funding proposal through the portal which will work as the basis for your fundraising on the platform as well as a way to display the work you carry out.

Step 4: Approval

Once your application has been approved you will receive a written confirmation. Following that, we sign a contract outlining the details for the cooperation between your organization and Milkywire. Lastly, you will be appointed a contact person from the Impact management and relations team who will help onboarding you onto the platform.

Interested in applying?

At the moment, we are reviewing our application process and are not open for spontaneous applications. If you are interested in joining Milkywire, please send an email to

Any questions?

Please have a look at our FAQ and if you can't find your answer feel free to contact us at to clear up any questions you might have. Or leave your details here and we’ll contact you.

“What I love about Milkywire is keeping it real, not only showing pretty pics but the reality of conservation.”

Andrea Marshall

Co-founder and Marine Biologist, Marine Megafuana Foundation

“There’s been a lot I’ve learnt that’s taken me out of my safe box. Especially telling my story and pushing the boundaries.”

Michael Mwang’ombe

Researcher, Kenya Marine Mammal Research and Conservation

“Milkywire is a fantastic platform that allows us to share content that we would be collecting for alternative media anyway, we are then able to turn those likes into something more meaningful!”

Luke Helmer

Marine Biologist and Habitat Restoration Specialist, Blue Marine Foundation

“This kind of spreading awareness can only happen through the digital realm and it accelerates the process of change.”

Farwiza Farhan

Director and Forest Conservationist, Yayasan HAkA