How we ensure high quality impact

Milkywire strives to ensure that our partners' donations reach high-quality initiatives and are utilized in the best way possible.

We curate Impact Funds

Together with our impact partners we select high-quality initiatives that drive long-lasting positive impact. These initiatives are part of a portfolio of projects under a specific theme called an Impact Fund.

We select Impact Partners

Impact partners are medium to large-sized nonprofits with large networks of locally-rooted initiatives or organizations. The impact partners have the ability to act as a grantmaker and strengthen their local partners' capacity.

We let them do what they do best

Impact partners source projects and ensure that organizations receiving grants are vetted and comply with relevant local regulations. They also ensure that donations are properly tracked, both financially and from an impact perspective.

Award winning organizations

The change we believe in

We're supporting initiatives all around the world working with our planet's most urgent issues. Our goal is to find locally rooted organizations that are reliable, skilled, and focusing on efforts for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

The curation process

Our charitable funds are portfolios of high quality projects designed to address the most critical environmental areas. They allow companies to take action, making it easy and efficient to finance high impact initiatives beyond their value chains.

Milkywire monitors funding capacity & identifies a need to grow a fund.

Milkywire and the impact partner determine the best way to grow the fund based on the identified needs.

A sourcing process is initiated by Milkywire

Impact partners select relevant initiatives that adhere to the identified needs.

Milkywire reviews the suggested initiatives.

Milkywire approves and onboards the selected initiatives.

Initiative selection

At Milkywire, we try to ensure that our impact funds produce high-quality impact, therefore we work with impact partners to identify initiatives that align with our values and criteria. As a result, we kindly request that organizations do not submit unsolicited proposals directly to us. However, we will publicly announce when opportunities arise to submit proposals for our funds. You may follow us on our social media channels to find out about future opportunities.


We’re all about fair play

We work hard to ensure that donations are used the best way possible. But we are only human, and things might still fly under our radar. Therefore, we encourage you to report any suspected irregularities, with full confidentiality.

Let us know