Screening and vetting organizations

It's important to us that donors can trust that their donations are being used in the best way possible. That they reach legitimate projects with real impact.

We hand-pick the organizations

All organizations are screened and vetted by our dedicated impact team. They do thorough research and due diligence to find powerful, credible grassroots organizations working to save our planet.

We make sure funds are used as intended

From continuous follow-up on projects to examining them once completed – financial transparency and accountability are core to our model.

We let them do what they do best

By helping with marketing and securing continuous funding we let organizations on Milkywire save precious time to focus on their important work.

Award winning organizations and impacters

The change we believe in

We're supporting initiatives all around the world working with our planet's most urgent issues. Our goal is to find locally rooted organizations that are reliable, skilled, and focusing on efforts for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

Impacters are the faces of our hand-picked NGOs

They're dedicated experts in their field working to ensure a sustainable future for all of us. And they’re the ones who update you on the work from the field. To become an impacter on Milkywire you must meet our eligibility criteria.

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The screening process

At Milkywire we have a dedicated impact team assessing each organization, impacter, and project. Our screening process ensures that their information is legitimate and we assess any eventual risk connected to the organization, before they can join our platform.

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We collect annual reports, financial statements, registration certificates and audit reports from the organizations, as part of our screening process.

Source of funding

We look over references plus lists of current and previous sources of funding.

Project plans and budgets

We ask for well-motivated funding goals and project plans and ensure these are reported on throughout the year.

Areas of work

We review the organization's geographic and thematic focus, which SDG:s they connect to, their working methods and who they collaborate with.


We make sure the organizations we support are working close to their target groups, are transparent in their communication, approach, and carry out their work in an inclusive manner.

We don’t stop there

Our impact team has regular contact with impacters and monitors their current projects. We follow up on all payments made to the organizations through regular reporting to us.


We’re all about fair play

We work hard to ensure that donations are used the best way possible. But we are only human, and things might still fly under our radar. Therefore, we encourage you to report any suspected irregularities, with full confidentiality.

Our impacters in the media

Sustainability in conservation activism

Farwiza is an award-winning Forest Conservationist taking the fight against illegal palm oil plantations and unsustainable exploitation of the unique Indonesian rainforest and its wildlife.

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Restoring Europe’s largest oyster fishery

Luke works to restore the overexploited native oyster reefs along the coast of the UK. These reefs are crucial habitats for hundreds of species and the oysters are critical for healthy, clean oceans.

Spotted a rare white giraffe in the wild

Ali is an award-winning Conservationist working at a landscape level to save the Critically Endangered hirola antelopes and reticulated giraffes from going extinct.