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Join the Priceless Planet Coalition’s commitment to fight climate change by restoring 100 million trees in places with the highest climate, community and biodiversity impact

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Your donation (less any applicable standard card processing fees) will be paid to Conservation International. It will be pooled with other funds to support and fund the restoration portfolio under the Priceless Planet Coalition. Conservation International is a U.S. public charity (tax identification number 52-1497470) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Conservation International exercises discretion and control over the use of donated funds. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law.

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Facts about reforestation

climate change

Climate change

Sustainable forest restoration helps reduce the occurrence of climate-related disasters, such as fires and flooding.

Tropical forests are remarkably effective at carbon capture — providing up to 30% of the global action needed to stop climate change.

Source: World Resources Institute, Conservation International 

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Tropical forests cover less than 7% of Earth’s land mass but are home to about 50% of all living things on the planet.

Source: Conservation International

Local support

Local support

Growing trees brings economic value to local people: up to $30 for every $1 invested in restoring land.

Source: World Resources Institute

About the priceless planet coalition

Restoring forests with trusted partners

Deforestation is devastating the planet’s forests. By turning carbon-based pollutants to oxygen, trees are one of Earth’s best weapons against rising temperatures.

That’s why Mastercard set up the Priceless Planet Coalition—a group committed to planting 100 million trees in places with the highest climate, community and biodiversity impact, thanks to our partnership with Conservation International and the World Resources Institute.

Photo credit © Sabin Ray, World Resources Institute

Video about Priceless Planet Coalition

Deforestation is devastating the planet’s forests

That’s why Mastercard set up the Priceless Planet Coalition—a group committed to restoring 100 million trees in partnership with Conservation International and the World Resources Institute.

What is the Priceless Planet Coalition?

Mastercard shares its commitment to "do good by doing good" by bringing together a diverse range of citizens, businesses and partners to fight climate change. The Priceless Planet Coalition wants to make a difference by restoring 100 million trees in the world's most critical forests, which is recognized to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient measures to address climate change, and has partnered with Conservation International and the World Resource Institute to realize this goal.

The Priceless Planet Coalition is not just about planting trees. It is dedicated to regrowing forests in the geographic areas with the greatest potential for positive impacts positive impacts on our global goals for climate, communities and biodiversity. The Coalition uses science-based best practices for the selection, implementation, and long-term monitoring of its restoration efforts.

Who are Conservation International and World Resources Institute?

Conservation International is a global non-profit that uses science, policy, and partnerships to protect the nature that people rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on 6 continents to ensure a healthy, prosperous planet that supports us all. As fiscal sponsor for the Priceless Planet Coalition, Conservation International performs certain charitable and related support services and activities for the benefit of the Priceless Planet Coalition, including without limitation accepting donations and executing specific projects under the Priceless Planet Coalition to meet its goals.

World Resources Institute (WRI) is a global research non-profit organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. WRI envisions an equitable and prosperous planet driven by the wise management of natural resources.

How will my donation fund forest restoration?

By donating through this campaign page, you are making a donation to Conservation International which pools all donations with other Priceless Planet Coalition contributions to fund tree planting in restoration sites across 6 continents with 18 reforestation projects. Conservation International will use donations to fund the restoration of trees and regrowth of forests in places that have the highest impact on climate, community and biodiversity. Funds will be granted to project sites as determined by Conservation International where financial support is most needed.

How is Milkywire a part of the coalition?

Milkywire serves as a bridge between tree-planting initiatives and end-users, facilitating consumer contributions through this campaign page. Milkywire is a tech platform enabling companies to address their environmental footprint and comply with new standards for taking action to solve the global climate, biodiversity and pollution crises.