Where your work makes a difference

The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and the troublemakers, turning Milkywire into reality.

Start-up culture

Some people just want a job, others want to be a part of something bigger. When working at Milkywire, your opinion matters. Got an idea on something that you want to change, go for it - we're a start-up!

Make a change

With Milkywire, your work actually makes a difference. We exist to empower and inspire everyone to make a positive impact on our world. You get to work towards supporting some of the best environmentalists, conservationists and researchers in the world.

Get sh*t done

Being an underdog in a massive industry, we're doing things differently. We have a “can-do” attitude and “get sh*t done” mentality no matter what.

Current openings

Backend developer

Tech • Stockholm • Flexible remote


Frontend developer

Tech • Stockholm • Flexible remote


Full-stack developer

Tech • Stockholm • Flexible remote


About us

We are a team of developers, impact managers, designers, marketers, editors, controllers and more. We spend our time creating solutions to inspire and empower everyone to take action for our planet.

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