Maximize your planet health impact with Milkywire

Meet your sustainability targets and engage your employees and customers in your efforts with the Milkywire platform. Get the feedback you need to show the world that when it comes to sustainability, you mean business.

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Milkywire for business

81% of consumers believe companies should take action for the environment, and 90% of employees experience greater job satisfaction when engaged in company sustainability. We help you exceed these expectations.

Showcase your impact

Inspire your employees and customers to join your sustainability efforts. Our digital products provide everything you need to showcase your impact and stand out from the crowd through your ESG reporting.

Become a carbon leader

Go beyond carbon offsetting by investing in pioneering initiatives developed to reach global net zero. These projects focus on impact, not claims, and your company can help achieve the long-term impact this cutting-edge portfolio is designed for.

  • Permanent carbon removal

  • Impact over carbon credits

  • Become a pioneering brand

Future-proof your workplace

Engaged employees are more productive and contribute to a healthy company culture. Involve your employees in the donations process with a rewarding experience for them and your company.

  • Become an attractive employer

  • Keep your employees engaged

  • Collective data and progress reports

Captivate your customers

Customers value brands that care about the same issues they do. Build a meaningful relationship with them by letting them support the same causes you do. Our integrated solutions make every purchase a rewarding one.

  • Check-in at your checkout

  • Post-purchase action

  • Custom API integrations

Fund the fight

Many brands talk a good talk. Make sure your company walks the walk on sustainability with regular donations. Our offerings include fixed monthly contributions, percentage of sales contributions, and campaign-specific contributions.

  • Choose causes that reflect your values

  • See your impact in a transparent way

  • Spread the word and inspire others

Milkywire features

Smart, Scalable, Sustainable

Expert advice Our Impact and Partner teams help create an environmentally positive legacy for your business

Partner portal A dedicated space for you to monitor your impact and employee engagement

Milkywire app A dedicated transparency tool displaying impact updates directly from the field

Curated content Our dedicated Content team delivers custom-branded content to share through your channels

Milkwire docs Fully documented tech solutions to help your developers get things up and running

Integrations Seemless checkout integration to captivate your customers and build brand loyalty

Employee Engagement Program Green benefits to reward and inspire your employees

Climate Transformation Fund Cutting-edge projects to take your business beyond carbon credits

Diverse portfolio of projects Vetted grassroots initiatives to achieve your ESG funding targets

A little more action with Klarna

We’re proud to be the official strategic partner of Klarna’s sustainability initiative, Give One, where they take action for the planet by giving back to our climate and biodiversity. With the initiative, Klarna also invites other progressive organizations, retailers, customers and employees to participate and contribute.

Enabling change with PANGAIA

PANGAIA has a goal to become the Earth-positive business that gives back more than it takes and has partnered with us in their quest. We have assisted them in building their impact strategy and storytelling as well as donation design, activations and technical solutions. 

Is Milkywire a charity or NGO?

Milkywire provides a platform to donate to causes you care about and follow the impact your money makes in the field.  

Milkywire enables companies to engage their customers and employees in their environmental-impact goals. The platform connects you with selected locally-rooted nonprofits to fund causes you care about with full transparency and follow the impact your money makes.

Why should we become a partner?

There are many reasons to become an officially recognized partner of Milkywire. Your company will benefit from promotion through our channels, receive digital assets and content packages, and have access to a whole range of Milkywire products to support your environmental-impact goals. 

Is there a minimum required donation for partnerships?

Potential partners will be subjected to our internal screening processes and must meet a minimum commitment depending on the partnership level. Contact:

How do we make a one-time corporate donation?

While we always encourage organizations to become partners with Milkywire, you are welcome to make unsolicited donations too through our causes page:

Should you require a receipt for a donation, then please email:

Are donations tax-deductible?

We offer US-based companies tax-deductible donations through the Milkywire Foundation US Fund. The fund is under fiscal sponsorship by KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3). Milkywire reserves the right to refuse and return any donations.

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Can’t wait to get started, or just curious to know more? Our partnership team based in Stockholm would love to answer your questions or explain our offering in more detail.

* This form is for partnership requests only. We kindly request that organizations do not submit unsolicited proposals directly to us, as we work with impact partners to identify initiatives that align with our values and criteria. Click here (Impact Funds) to read more.