Planet superhero gift

Make a donation as a gift for your kids - it'll help save the environment and will turn your little ones into planet superheroes.

Throughout 2022, you’ll receive four emails filled with activities and environmental content to share with your kids. They'll learn lots about our planet and and how to take care of it (and give you some peace and quiet and the same time :). 

An engaging environmental gift

You decide the amount you want to donate to our planet - the gift remains the same. As soon as you have donated you’ll receive a certificate, and four times during 2022 you’ll receive emails with challenges and educational content for your kid. 

Suitable for kids aged 5–12.

See everything you’ll be receiving during the coming year below.

Choose an amount to give

90% of your donation benefits impactful organizations working on the ground, in line with the UN Global Goals.

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The gift includes

A donation certificate for your kids

Printable animal masks

Illustrations to color in

Inspirational videos

Origami animal crafts

Quizzes, puzzles, and more...

The three benefits

Good cause

When ordering this product you’re actually making a donation to protect animals and the environment - support the Amazon rainforest, not Amazon INC.


Not just a disposable stocking stuffer. This gift is an antidote to consumer culture - a statement of intent to tell your friends about.


Invest in your little ones’ futures. This gift not only educates them about the environment, but supports causes fighting for the planet they’re going to inherit.

Why become a planet superhero?

Parent testimonials

"This is the perfect way for our kids to learn about our planet and the heroes who help save it."

Helena T.

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"My children keep asking me about how “their animals” are doing. It’s amazing to see their interest."

Sandra D.

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"We gave this to our children as a Christmas gift and they loved it. They felt like they were making a difference and kept telling their friends that they were saving the planet."


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