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This is Thandi

Thandiwe is an Ecologist fighting to save the incredible wildlife of Zambia by promoting coexistence between nature and communities. 

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Thandi will keep working with communities and inspire more brilliant women and youth to make a difference and protect Zambia’s wildlife.

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South Luangwa, Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Thandiwe Mweetwa

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Awards & features:

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Why care

With the population of Africa booming and the bushmeat trade getting worse the risk of human-wildlife conflict is increasing. As populations are expanded into rural areas, animals lose their precious habitat. This forces the animals into villages where they kill livestock which often result in retaliatory killing by farmers, through poison, hunting and snares.

Thandiwe Mweetwa Saving Zambia's **last lions**

Their work

Thandi is a Senior Ecologist and Community Educator at the Zambian Carnivore Programme. 

  • Thandiwe and the ZCP works to mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

  • Manages various citizen science initiatives to bring communities closer to the conservation work.

  • Conducts research and collects data on carnivore and mammal population to streamline their conservation efforts. 

  • Leads the ZCP Conservation Education Program – which is designed to gain community support for wildlife conservation and to promote interest in conservation-based careers among local youth.

  • Created and runs the Women in Wildlife Conservation Training Program aimed at providing opportunities for young Zambian women wishing to pursue careers in the wildlife sector. 


  • Thandi and the ZCP have numerous community outreach programs to spread awareness on the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife.

  • Collected invaluable information in information and data on carnivore population in the Luangwa valley. 

  • Worked on initiatives such as the Conservation Club, where kids learn about the importance of healthy ecosystems, and can train for careers in wildlife.

  • Started the Women in Wildlife Conservation Training Program in 2016, to inspire and incentives young and smart women to pursue careers in conservation.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Thandi is on a mission to educate and inspire a new generation of conservationists to ensure the future of Africa’s remarkable wildlife.

Fight Extinction
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