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Thabo is an Education Officer with 20+ years of experience working with communities towards the realization of clean, affordable electricity in South Africa. 

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Thabo can keep promoting renewable energy technology and stop the development of new coal power plants in order to set South Africa on a low-carbon development path.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Earthlife Africa

Thabo Sibeko

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Why care

South Africa is the biggest emitter of CO2 on the African continent and almost all its electricity comes from burning coal. The country is also faced with growing inequalities and the impacts of climate change have further compromised the people’s basic constitutional rights.

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The work

Thabo is Programme Coordinator and Education Officer, his work involves:

  • Working with campaigns to fight the building of new coal and nuclear power plants

  • Working with communities, committing to a just energy transition in the country that benefits the people who are most affected by climate change. 

  • Showcasing and promoting renewable energy technology (for e.g. installation of solar panels and portable solar power stations).

  • Environmental education and skill development training at sites, encouraging sustainable lifestyles in local communities.


  • Earthlife Africa won South Africa’s first climate court case in 2016, challenging the construction of a coal-fired power station in the province of Limpopo. Protestors were concerned that the power station was diminishing water sources in the already dry area. The result was that environmental approval was suspended by the High Court and the project was abandoned by investors.

  • The South African government's controversial nuclear deal was brought to a halt through legal action and collaboration between Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute in 2017.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Thabo is on a mission to spread renewable energy technology in South Africa with the belief that reliable, clean energy promotes safe and prosperous communities.

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