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Naude is saving seals and other animals from being injured and killed by plastic pollution, all on a completely voluntary basis.

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Naude can spend more time fighting plastic pollution and expand his seal rescues to cover a bigger area of the Namibian coast.

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Walvis Bay, Namibia

Ocean Conservation Namibia

Naude Dreyer

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Why care

Plastic garbage is polluting our oceans and shores, putting seals and other wildlife at risk of entanglement and death. Seals play with whatever they find in the water, and if they get something around their necks, they can't get it off. If they are not helped in time, they will eventually die from strangulation.

Naude Dreyer **Saving animals** from plastic waste

The work

Naude is a seal rescuer and the Founder of the non-governmental organization Ocean Conservation Namibia.  

  • He and his team frees seals and other wild animals caught in plastic that can kill them.

  • Arranges beach clean-ups with local communities and kids to fight the source of the problem. 

  • Arranges public campaigns and social media campaigns to create awareness about the consequences of plastic debris and its effects on our oceans. 

  • Conducts local research and monitoring initiatives.


  • Naude saves 300 seals per year on the coast of Namibia.

  • During May 2020, Naude set a goal to catch, disentangle, and release 100 seals during 30 days. The successful campaign, called #100SealsForTime, was created to expose the consequences of plastic pollution and work on long term solutions to protect the Namibian marine ecosystems.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Naude is on a mission to rescue seals and other wild animals from the plastic that kill them and to create awareness by exposing the consequences of plastic pollution that destroys our oceans. 

Save Our Oceans
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