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This is Max

Max is a Sea Turtle Veterinarian who treats these wild, endangered species and is working on advancing veterinary medicine in his field.

With your help

Max can treat sea turtles with diseases and injuries, so that the endangered species he works with can be returned back to the wild.

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Juno Beach, USA

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Max Polyak

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Why care

It’s a dangerous world out there for turtles, they risk getting hit by boats, catch infections and get strangled by plastic. Sea turtles are important species for our ocean ecosystems. Keeping our turtles healthy means keeping our oceans healthy.

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The work

Max is Director of Rehabilitation and Veterinary Doctor at Loggerhead Marinelife Center. His work involves:

  • Treating injured and sick sea turtles and releasing them back into the wild

  • Working with a team with the goal of advancing sea turtle medicine


  • Has collected and cultivated stem cells to treat trauma of the spinal cord in turtles. The injury can occur from boat strikes and can cause buoyancy disorder which is difficult to treat.

  • Has begun to characterize the microbiome of healthy sea turtles in order to develop a treatment to gastrointestinal dysbiosis in sea turtles. This approach is expected to significantly alter what we know about treatment-related gut-microbial ecology and provide actionable ways to treat or prevent disruptions.

  • Has developed a novel approach to treating multi-drug resistant infections using bacteriophage therapy. They have developed the first bacteriophages for clinical use in a single patient, and this project will expand this therapy to other patients.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Max is on a mission to treat sea turtles against some of the worst health problems that they face.

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