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This is Katrina

Katrina is an Ecologist and the Director of Wild Otters Research fighting to protect smooth-coated otters, which in turn, protects the entire ecosystem.

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Katrina will be able to more closely monitor the behavior of smooth-coated otters and thus streamline her efforts to protect them.

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Goa, India

Wild Otters Research

Katrina Fernandez

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Asia is developing at an unprecedented rate and it’s taking a severe toll on their rivers, lakes and mangroves. Overexploitation of natural resources, habitat loss and pollution is dramatically decreasing the number otters and thereby unbalancing ecosystems.

Katrina Fernandez Saving **otters**

Their work

Katrina is an Ecologist and Director of Wild Otters Research

  • Katrina designs, manages and monitors various research projects to analyze smooth-coated otter populations and ecosystems

  • Based on data collected from the projects she determines appropriate efforts toward conservation.

  • Shares data and research with the global scientific community at conferences and workshops.

  • Spearheads community outreach programs with local communities to promote community ecology of rivers, mangroves, and lakes.

  • Collaborates with the government on legislation and initiatives to protect otter ecosystems. 


  • Katrina and Wild Otters Research have collected unprecedented data on otter behavior and their role in various ecosystems

  • Held numerous workshops and internship programs with students, professors and even government officials on data collection, field methods, otter conservation, and mangrove conservation

  • Led community outreach programs to educate local communities and fishermen on the importance of otters in mangrove and river ecosystems

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Katrina is on a mission to save otters and their vulnerable ecosystems.

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