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Joseph protects South Africa's iconic carnivores through a livestock guarding dog program, which helps farmers live sustainably alongside wildlife.

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Joseph can train more puppies to become guardian dogs, helping farmers in need.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Joseph Hlako

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Why care

Because of a growing population in South Africa, the human-wildlife conflict is increasing. Carnivores like leopards and cheetahs can kill farmers’ livestock, threatening their only source of income. To retaliate and protect their livestock, farmers poison the wild animals.

Joseph Hlako Guardian dogs **protecting leopards**

Their work

Joseph is the Community Conflict Mitigation Field Officer at the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

  • Joseph provides outbreed puppies to vetted farmers outside fenced areas, supplies them with food, and trains them to become livestock guarding dogs by letting them grow up around the livestock, so they become companions.

  • The dogs detect, alert and defend the livestock if a large carnivore comes close to a heard, giving the farmers time to react.

  • Does community outreach and environmental education to increase people’s understanding of how carnivores behave to protect their animals better.


  • The project has a close to 100 % success rate and farmers that are involved in the project have helped other farmers to train their dogs in the same way.

  • Breeding dogs that protect the livestock has proven to be the most successful method to mitigate the conflict.

  • It has also been effective to prevent livestock theft, which is an increasing problem in South Africa.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Joseph and the Endangered Wildlife Trust are on a mission to protect wildlife and habitats with a vision of a world where both humans and wildlife prosper in harmony with nature.

Fight Extinction
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