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Meet Johnathan

Johnathan is a Biologist working in the field to protect the magnificent carnivores of Zambia from poaching and other human induced threats. 

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Johnathan will be able to streamline his research efforts and conduct more extensive outreach programs to ensure the future of Zambia’s carnivores.

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South Luangwa, Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Johnathan Merkle

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Why care

Carnivores play an incredibly important role in the ecosystems of Zambia; without them, everything changes. Climate change increases the threat of poaching – which is putting lions, leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs in harm's way – affecting and altering their prey, vegetation, the water table, and much more.

Johnathan Merkle Protecting Africa's **iconic** species

Their work

Johnathan is a Biologist and the Project Manager for the Zambian Carnivore Programme’s Luangwa research project. 

  • Johnathan and ZCP conduct research and collect data on the behavior and distribution of mammals and analyze prey/predator relations. 

  • Manages logistics at the Luangwa field office to most effectively resources to protect as many animals as possible.

  • Manges community outreach programs with local communities and schools to educate and spread awareness on the importance of carnivores and the threats facing them. 

  • Collaborates with organizations with local, national, and international partners, agencies and organizations to create the most effective solutions to address the myriad conservation challenges facing Zambia.


  • Johnathan and the ZCP have saved countless animals caught be wire snares through their extensive monitoring system. 

  • Conducted priceless research on the carnivores and other large mammals. 

  • Led numerous community outreach projects to educate and inspire future conservationists. 

  • Created various local, national and international initiatives to promote carnivore conservation and anti-poaching campaigns.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Johnathan is on a mission to ensure the future of Zambia’s carnivores, by studying them and by inspiring future conservationist.

Fight Extinction
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