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This is Jan

Jan is the Director at FishSec, he uses outreach and advocacy to influence decision-makers to save the Baltic cod and with it, the Baltic marine ecosystem. 

With your help

Jan and FishSec can continue advocating for sustainable fishing to save the Baltic Sea.

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Stockholm, Sweden


Jan Isakson

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Why care

The cod is the most important predatory fish species in the Baltic Sea. Due to unsustainable fishing pressure, the Eastern cod stock in the Baltic sea has entirely collapsed and is more or less gone, affecting other species in the marine ecosystem.

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The work

Jan is Communications Director at FishSec. His work involves:

  • Advocating for sustainable fishing laws in the Baltic Sea.

  • Running and coordinating the project from the office in Stockholm.

  • Engaging and involving partners in most EU countries around the Baltic Sea: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. 

  • Involving organizations that work at EU level in the cause.


  • Was a reason behind the Eel Regulation that was adopted by the EU in 2007 to save the European eel.

  • Actions have so far resulted in the European Commission implementing emergency measures for the Eastern Baltic cod on July 23 2019.

  • FishSec was one of five organisations initiating OCEAN2012. Over the 5 years, the coalition grew to 193 member groups in 24 EU Member States and beyond. The importance of OCEAN2012 in the last reform, the EU Common Fisheries Policy, is widely recognized.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Jan and FishSec are on a mission to ensure well managed seas, rich in biodiversity with thriving fish stocks, to secure a sustainable fishing sector.

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