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This is Elena

Elena Gorokhova is an environmental activist dedicated to forest restoration. She coordinates PosadiLes, an initiative to grow an 8,000 kilometers long forest belt across southern Russia.

With your help

Elena and volunteers from PosadiLes will be able to plant the first 310,000 trees and restore 104 hectares of forest across southern Russia by the end of 2022. A southern forest belt will be capable of creating a comfortable and humid microclimatic environment and making the climate less dry, which in turn will dramatically slow down steppe formation and desertification.

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Elena Gorokhova

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Why care

Not taking action in this area will not just lead to land degradation but will also have bad effects on communities and biodiversity. Our forests are key for wild flora and fauna. In addition, desertification will reduce food security, leading to an increase in hunger and poverty. The associated social, economic and political tensions can lead to conflict and further impoverishment.

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The work

Elena is the Main Coordinator of PosadiLes, an initiative to plant trees across Russia. 

  • Elena and her organization will plant 310,000 trees following their soil and climatic zones in 14 regions of Russia, from Rostov to Buryatia. 104 hectares of forest will be restored by the end of 2022.

  • After the planting, they will provide aftercare for the seedlings and monitor them.

  • These forests serve to protect against steppe formation, desertification, water and wind erosion.

  • Protective forest plantations will have a beneficial effect on the microclimate, snow distribution, and hydrological soil regime. They will serve to protect many objects, including agricultural lands, soil and water bodies, roads, and settlements.

  • Trained teams and volunteers will continue to independently look after and do agricultural care in the regions.


  • Thanks to the PosadiLes initiative, more than 968 thousand trees have already been planted in 27 regions of Russia, restoring more than 302 hectares of forest.

  • Constant educational activities within the project have made the community ready to participate in the conservation and restoration of forests.

  • Around 16,000 people have taken part in the PosadiLes, and they are growing every season. Volunteers conduct lessons, which attract more and more people to an eco-conscious lifestyle, teaching them how to preserve the planet for future generations.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Elena and PosadiLes are on a mission to protect, restore and grow an 8,000 kilometers long green barrier across southern Russia to combat steppe formation and desertification.

Protect Forests and Plant Trees
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