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This is Dino

Dino is a multiple award-winning Conservationist and Entomologist working to raise awareness about pollinator species globally. 

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Dino will be able to expand his work, changing more minds, educating more students and ultimately saving more pollinators.

Awards & features:

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Nanyuki, Kenya

Mpala Research Centre

Dino Martins

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Awards & features:

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Why care

More than 75% of the world's food crops and 30% of our agricultural land depends, at least in part, on pollinators. Yet through climate change, habitat loss and the use of pesticides we are rapidly diminishing their numbers.

Dino Martins Fighting for **pollinators**

Their work

Dino is the Executive Director at Mpala Research Centre. 

  • Dino and the Mpala Research Centre conducts research and collects data on the presence of pollinators and their impact in various regions. 

  • Works directly with farmers to create sustainable solution to farming which increases their yield and conserves pollinators. This incentives farmers to work for bees. 

  • Spearheads community outreach programs and mentors young conservationist to create a future generation of conservationists and scientists. 

  • Leads extensive advocacy campaigns to change people’s perception of insects and work against various counterproductive lobbying groups.


  • Dino and the Mpala Research Centre have for 25 years conducted invaluable research and conservation work.

  • Have helped farmers increase their yield four-five times and on some occasions as much as ten times, raising the quality of life of the farmers dramatically.

  • Have saved countless lives in rural populations through the Laikipia Rabies Vaccination Campaign.

  • Created the first Genomic lab in sub saharan Africa.

  • Educated and mentored a new generation of  young, passionate and capable Kenyan/East African students, young scientists and conservationists.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Dino is on a mission save the pollinators of Kenya to conserve the incredible biodiversity of the region.

Humans and Nature
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