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Caesar is an award-winning Conservationist working to protect the ancient forests of Bangladesh and the 30 globally threatened species living there. 

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Caesar can keep engaging local communities in his conservation efforts, and reintroduce globally threatened species back into the wild.

Awards & features:

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Creative Conservation Alliance

Caesar Rahman

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Extensive deforestation due to a growing population means Bangladesh’s last ancient forests are being wiped out, pushing a large number of animals to the verge of extinction.

Caesar Rahman **Saving** ancient forests of **Bangladesh**

Their work

Caesar is a Conservation Biologist and the Co-founder and CEO of Creative Conservation Alliance. 

  • Caesar does conservation research and government policy formulation.

  • Works specifically with the Critically Endangered Asian giant tortoise as a flagship species, using it as a starting point to save an entire ecosystem.

  • Engages local communities in conservation efforts by building and supporting local schools, and by employing locals as researchers.


  • Established a conservation network with local communities to protect almost 500 hectares of the ancient forest.

  • The first organization to successfully breed the Asian giant tortoise in Bangladesh, which they plan to reintroduce in their protected forest area.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

The long-term goal of Caesar’s work is to keep nature and culture intact for future generations by protecting Bangladesh’s last wild places.

Fight Extinction
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