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This is Angela

Angela is a conservationist who partners with local actors, educating communities to protect the endangered Angolan monkey and its habitat along the coast of Kenya.

With your help

Angela can keep working to protect the fragile ecosystems of the forest and the animals living there.

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Diani, Kenya

Colobus Conservation

Angela Gathoni

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Why care

75 % of the forests surrounding Diani have been lost to logging and forest clearing. This has been detrimental to the Angolan colobus monkey, which is now almost extinct in the area. Protecting trees = protecting monkeys!

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The work

Angela is a conservationist fighting to protect the endangered colobus monkey. Her work involves:

  • Engaging in community outreach programs with local communities to spread awareness about the conservation of the Angolan colobus monkey and their habitat.

  • Taking care of abandoned or orphaned monkeys before releasing them back into the forest.

  • Operating a monkey emergency rescue service providing medical assistance to sick and injured individuals.

  • Building aerial bridge ladders to enable monkeys to cross busy roads. 

  • Engaging in native tree planting to the benefit of the Angolan colobus monkeys.


  • Developed the first aerial canopy bridge across Diani's Beach Road, reducing injuries and deaths of monkeys due to vehicles. The goal now is to have 32 of these bridges installed across Diani Beach by 2021. 

  • Works together with the local community in the restoration of the coastal forest habitat through planting indigenous trees.

  • Delivers high-quality standards of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and release service responding to approximately 300 animal welfare cases annually. 

  • Supports over 1000 school children and their teachers annually to experience the primates and forest at Colobus Conservation during weekly, one-day education workshops. The workshops encourage children to appreciate the natural environment and to take an interest in wildlife and its conservation.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Angela is on a mission to save the endangered colobus monkey, threatened by deforestation and loss of habitat.

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