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This is Stella

Stella is a Marine Biologist taking action to save our world’s biggest species of shark, the incredible whale shark.

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Stella will not only be able to find and track more whale sharks enabling her to understand their behavior but also initiate community outreach programs focused on spreading awareness and putting pressure on local politicians for change.

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Nosy Be, Madagascar

Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Stella Diamant

Awards & features:

Why care

Whale sharks get subjected to human-induced threats within the fishing industry when they are swimming close to land to feed. They get caught as bycatch, injured by motor boat propellers or subjects for illegal shark fin trade.

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Their work

Stella is a Biologist and the Founder of the Madagascar Whale Shark Project.

  • Stella gathers data on the numbers and the structure of the whale shark population of Nosy Be.

  • Studies the genetics of whale sharks and tracks them for further understanding of their behavior.

  • Leads community outreach programs such as school programs, whale shark tours, beach activities to spread awareness about whale sharks and other marine life for their future conservation. 

  • Puts pressure on politicians to create legislation for the protection of whale sharks and other marine life.


  • Stella has identified and documented over 400 juvenile whale sharks since 2015.

  • Began tagging juvenile whale sharks in 2016 and is now tracking a large population of them.

  • Put pressure on politicians by generating scientific proof of the need to increase protection.

  • A cross-border conservation pact was signed between 126 countries in 2017 to increase the protection of sharks and other migratory species.

  • Have developed a code of conduct intending to keep the animals safe from boats in the area. Local operators have implemented this, but she is aiming to have even better legislation in place.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Stella is on a mission to change the understanding of whale sharks to ensure their conservation and the implementation of necessary regulations.

Save Our Oceans
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