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Small effort, big impact

Donate directly to a cleaner, greener planet. We work with experts to select projects that make a real difference. In a single donation, you help fund grassroots eco-restoration initiatives, carbon removal projects, and help the world get off fossil fuels. With your support, we will help solve the climate crisis.

How your donation is used

Restoring and protecting nature

Support grassroots organizations working with reforestation, eco-conservation and wildlife protection.

Permanent carbon removal solutions

Help remove CO₂ from the planet forever. It’s pricey, but worth it.

Getting off fossil fuels

Support high-impact renewable energy and emission reduction projects and back non-profit organizations who fight for policy change.

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A Klarna Give One initiative

Our planet's future concerns us all. Klarna is contributing $1 million to the same projects to combat climate challenges as part of their Give One initiative. And they’ll contribute annually as part of their efforts for the planet.

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We must reduce and remove emissions

Make a difference today  To stop the climate crisis, we must cut CO₂ emissions in half over the next 10 years and then bring them close to zero. But science shows that emission reductions won’t be enough to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Therefore, we must also remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it permanently. Replanting forests is a good way of removing CO₂, but the amount of land available is limited and trees don’t store carbon forever.

Kickstart tomorrow's solutions Other solutions such as direct air capture and ocean CO₂ removal are needed too, but are expensive and in short supply. By supporting new ways of removing and storing carbon, we contribute to these methods developing and becoming cheaper for others to implement.  

How can you contribute? Together we can make a bigger difference than just on our own. When you donate, you’ll contribute towards a larger impact and help get climate projects off the ground that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

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NOTE: Your donation is invested into innovative climate change solutions and directly benefits screened and vetted organizations fighting climate change.


Why did you create this initiative?

We want to give everyone an opportunity to contribute to solving the climate crisis in the most effective way. It is difficult for most people to find and evaluate projects themselves, so with the help of experts, we do all the work behind the scenes, ensuring you make the greatest possible impact with your donation.

Is this the same thing as buying an offset?

No, by donating to our portfolio of projects, you contribute to making effective climate projects happen, but we all still have to work on reducing our own emissions. We focus on climate impact, moving away from selling certificates or making neutrality claims.

How much CO2 do you avoid/remove per donation?

We try to find projects that get the most bang for the buck. It can mean buying carbon removals at a higher price today, to help them become cheaper in the future, or supporting grassroots organizations to protect forests and plant trees. We quantify the effect of the donations in our reporting, but, the actual implication of a tonne of carbon avoided or removed differs significantly between solutions. Some solutions avoid carbon from being released in the short-term, some capture carbon and store it permanently. Therefore, we don’t showcase a cost per ton. 

How does it work?

We pool donations and give to projects where the funds can make the most impact on the climate. We are guided by the UN sustainable development goals and work with an experienced expert group to input and vet our funding decisions. Read more about the setup and criteria for this initiative here.

What is Milkywire?

Founded in Sweden in 2018, Milkywire is a new tech platform for impact that lets you donate to help fight the climate-, biodiversity-, and pollution crisis. All donations directly benefit grassroots organizations running high-impact projects led by dedicated experts in their field. The carefully audited organizations, based all around the world, work in line with the UN sustainable development goals to solve the most pressing planetary problems facing humanity.

Our app lets you follow the progress and the impact you enable with your donation through weekly video updates. It's a unique and engaging experience that lets you connect and communicate directly with the experts working on the ground.

It’s a transparent, easy, and engaging way to do something real and important for our planet. Learn more

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Milkywire is a charitable giving platform empowering all to make an impact on the world's most pressing problems. Your donations go to award-winning organizations that update on their work directly from the field, meaning you can take part in the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet.

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