Environmental Holiday and Christmas gifts

Are you out of Christmas gift ideas?

A sustainable holiday gift

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase ‘They’re just impossible to buy for’ then this is for you. Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for her or Christmas gifts for him; instead of hunting around for some random object to hide under the tree this holiday, give a sustainable holiday gift that the entire world can benefit from.

Just like compound interest

That could be fresh air, clean water, or a litter of little cheetah cubs, and the best thing about it is that these are gifts that keep on giving. Just like compound interest, the remarkable thing about nature is that if you invest a little today, it will repay you for generations to come as seedlings grow into forests and cubs become entire prides.

Santa would be pleased

When you give the gift of a Milkywire donation, your receiver gets to select a cause that’s close to their heart, so your present is guaranteed to be meaningful. Perhaps they’re an animal lover who’ll want to support efforts to protect wildlife, or maybe they want to repay Santa for his years of generosity by supporting people fighting climate change, saving his icy Lapland home.

 Save the planet this Christmas

Find out how you can save the planet this Christmas with the gift of sustainability

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What's happening to the climate?

A couple of weeks ago, the IPCC released a report with a very strong message on climate change.

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Fight Climate Change

There are so many ways to fight climate change, yet, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Wildlife Conservation

Knowing ways to protect wildlife is important not only for the animals/ insects, but important for us as a human species, too.

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